How is DuraSlic different?


First and foremost, DuraSlic coatings are not white-labeled. In other words, we do not re-package or re-label somebody else’s chemistry. DuraSlic ceramic coatings were created by leading scientists in conjunction with experienced automotive detailing professionals. Born from 10 years of ceramic chemistry and surface science research, each DuraSlic product is designed to be best-in-class. However, “best-in-class”  lab tests isn’t practical so  we took our work into the real world. This helped us take our ceramic coating  over the top. We made sure to pair the best performance attributes of ceramics  with a signature ease of installation because we know time is one of your most valuable assets.

DuraSlic’s unique hybrid structure and true ceramic composition prevents chemical, mechanical, and environmental degradation when applied to exterior vehicle surfaces. This means significantly longer protection than other coatings and we have the data to prove it. Knowledge is power and we want to share. By combining lab and real world  experience, we know what developments will become next level and which will be debunked. That is something you can be part of.

 Maybe you’re a detailer looking to take your business to the next level and don’t know surface prep and paint correction.  We can help. Maybe you’re an installer who does small volumes, but need help with your sales conversations and conversions. We can help. The DuraSlic network is about building each other up as professionals by supporting with education, team work, and technology. Come join us and elevate your business.



Take advantage of the world’s most powerful ceramic coating.

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DuraSlic Canada

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor is a Canada-wide distributor of the Duraslic line of products and is an authorized Certification Center. We treat your ride.