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DuraSlic is proud to be expanding its doors into Canada! With our Canadian home base located in Alberta we are ready to get our vehicle protection products to your door! With business flourishing to the South, what better time then now to introduce Canadian vehicles to the same high quality vehicle protection, being made in the USA!

The research team behind our renowned  hybrid ceramic coating technology is based out of the NanoSlic Innovation Center in Cincinnati OH. At the Innovation Center, basic research of core ceramic coating chemistries, as well as product development, takes place.   

The Innovation Center’s research teams take an interdisciplinary approach to research, development and problem solving related to automotive ceramic coatings. Inorganic and polymer chemistry are core fields being explored as well as surface science and applied physics. Specific research teams focus on product development, manufacturing processes and application technology. 


Not to be mistaken for industry copycats, DuraSlic is a brand all its own with research teams dedicated to the constant improvement of our products. Due to its central location, advanced research is conducted in partnership with leading universities, allowing DuraSlic to remain ahead of the game.

DuraSlic and ancillary products have been developed in partnership with the world’s leading detailers. All of DuraSlic’s products are thoroughly tested in the laboratory using industry standard test procedures as well as proprietary methods unique to the market. 

DuraSlic ceramic coatings are developed and tested to withstand the rigours of real-world conditions. When testing DuraSlic, hardness, adhesion, scrub resistance, hydrophobicity (the ability to repell water in a bead like form), oleophobicity (the rejection of oil by a material), roll-off angle, gloss and other important parameters are measured. All of these test ensure that our product is manufactured with the utmost quality and assurance.

With high quality products  and extensive research at our core, we strive to deliver you with the-best-of-the-best when it comes to vehicle protection and customer satisfaction.   DuraSlic gives you vehicle protection you can count on!

Hydrophobicity Before & After 1,000 Scrubs*

Ceramic Coating

*Car Soap (RainX) abrasion with Sponge per ASTM D2486. Contact angle measured with DI water.


Interested in learning more about what it means to be a part of the DuraSlic team? Want to start protecting vehicles with our ceramic coating technology? Please fill out our contact form! Tell us a little about yourself and your company and one of our industry professionals will contact you shortly.

DuraSlic Canada

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor is a Canada-wide distributor of the Duraslic line of products and is an authorized Certification Center. We treat your ride.