Glass Prep & Panel Wipe



Glass Prep & Panel Wipe

DuraSlic Glass Prep & Panel Wipe is a professional grade surface prep spray to prepare painted surfaces for new coatings of wax, sealants or ceramic coatings. Glass Prep & Panel Wipe removes all contaminants including old waxes, sealants, polish, oils, and grease. It is highly effective in cleaning glass, rubber and plastic surfaces and will leave no residue.

Now available for the first time in Canada, DuraSlic line of products offers superior protection for your car, truck, RV or boat. Contact us today for more details …

Take advantage of the world’s most powerful ceramic coating.

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DuraSlic Canada

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor is a Canada-wide distributor of the Duraslic line of products and is an authorized Certification Center. We treat your ride.