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DS LeatherCoat Max

DuraSlic LeatherCoat Max is an advanced one-step cleaner/conditioner and protective coating specifically formulated for leather surfaces. LeatherCoat Max cleans, rejuvenates, protects and leaves leather with a deep, luxurious shine. Formulated with a silica-based polymer technology, it renders the surface hydrophobic, so it sheds water, dirt and oil. The coating resists UV, offering protection from the sun’s rays. LeatherCoat Max incorporates an Agion proven anti-bacterial additive*, bringing a new dimension to leather protection. Now available for the first time in Canada, DuraSlic line of products offers superior protection for your car, truck, RV or boat. Contact us today for more details …

Take advantage of the world’s most powerful ceramic coating.

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Mobile Auto Detail Doctor is a Canada-wide distributor of the Duraslic line of products and is an authorized Certification Center. We treat your ride.