I  Bought a New Car – Do I Need a Ceramic Coating?

So you bought a new car and you are asking – “do I need a ceramic coating”?

New car is a big investment and the gloss and shine of it is something every new car owner is proud of. So, you got the shine, you got the gloss, why do you need a ceramic coating? The answer is, to protect that new car shine and gloss for years.

Sun will fade the shine and color of your vehicle. Just ask any body shop and they will tell you that after few years even with the exact color match you will not get the same shade as sun has faded your car’s color.

Protect your new car shine with DuraSlic Ceramic coating, a best ceramic coating in the industry.


Ceramic Coating -DuraSlic

The Love Hate Relationship

Bugs and grime love your car finish but your car finish does not love bugs and grime …

Dust, rain, etc. will over the time thin the top coat of your paint causing micro abrasions and fine damage to your paint that will add up over the time.

Bugs, bird feces, tree sap, tar,  etc. will further damage your paint and shine and are sometimes very hard to remove. While competitor product talk about hydrophobicity (the ability to repell water particles), our DuraSlic product also offers great oliophobicity (ability to repel oil). So what this has to do with your new car.

Well, first time you take your new ride out to open roads in summer time, your new ride will be covered in bugs. We all know this feeling. Even if you wash the bug grime the same day (and in most time leaving it on for a day or so until you are back) and you already know what happens, the soap and water will simple not do and some heavy duty scrubbing is needed to remove all the grime.

Even when most of visible grime is removed, there still may be left some oily remnants on the surface from the road grime and over the time all heavy duty brushing plus contaminants on your paint will cause a damage to your paint.

Small “oops” spills when refuelling your vehicle,  oil drop on your paint while changing your oil… many things that are contaminants and will damage your paint over the time,  end up on your car paint. We often not even think about those small things but over the time they will damage your car finish.  And so will many other things  (to many to list here), your car’s paint finish is magnet for those things.

DuraSlic Ceramic Coating is one amont few ceramic coatings that offer both hydrophobicity and oliophobicity protection to your vehicle. Once applied, the single application offers up to seven years of protection so that hard to remove grime is easier to remove with less scrubbing. Furthermore, the ceramic coating on your new paint will act as a shield so that all contaminants, UV rays, micro abrasions and scratches from dust and other contaminants all fall on the protective and durable shield layer created by DuraSlic ceramic coating. End result, the new car shine that lasts for many years.

For more information on our DuraSlic  and our DS 1500 Xtreme ceramic coating (can be applied  to painted, coated and base metal surfaces, glass and plastics) please contact your DuraSlic Ceramic Coatings certified installer.

Keep that new car shine for years to come!


Ceramic Coating by DuraSlic -DS1500 Extreme

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