Ceramic Coatings For Cars and Their Effect on Bugs

How are bugs and ceramic coatings for cars related, you ask? Why should a motor vehicle enthusiast care about bugs at all?

 Like it or not, bugs play a critical role on this Earth and we couldn’t exist without them. Unfortunately, their activities often put them directly in the path of cars, trucks and other moving or even stationary vehicles. And while we do appreciate their valor and willingness to die in the line of duty, they pose a big problem for the car or truck enthusiast.

Why’s that?

Ceramic Coating for Your Car

Because when bugs go splat on your car, the innards not only look unsightly, but they can actually damage your finish as well. The liquid “splat” is typically acidic, and over time can actually etch the paint of your vehicle. The type of insect, the temperature, and the humidity around the vehicle all play a role, but most bugs pose some danger to your paint job – and some more than others. Researchers at the University of Florida at Gainesville, for example, have found that UV from the sun can catalyze the etching process with certain types of bugs, like the infamous love bug. Also, some cars have a soft clear coat which etches more easily. Deep etching can result in permanent damage that will require aggressive sanding and polishing to remove.

Experts agree that bug splats should be removed as quickly as possible by hand or by pressure washing. Once the bugs “dry in” they are much more difficult to remove. Many types of bug removers are available, and they do offer some car paint protection, but significant work is still involved, and microscopic etching can take place before you have time to remove the bugs, and can slowly build-up and become more and more unsightly over time. Fortunately, there is another solution: a highly chemically-resistant ceramic coating for cars called DuraSlic DS 1500 Xtreme.

DS 1500 Xtreme is based on the award winning NanoSlic Ceramic Coating platform technology. This chemistry, whether sprayed on or wiped on, provides the highest level of hydrophobicity and oleophobicity in the industry, and was developed to protect paint on cars even in harsh chemical environments.

Hydrophobicity is important because of the nature of a bug splat, which is highly acidic. DS1500 Xtreme can withstand extreme pH at the elevated temperatures experienced by a car baking in the sun.

Oleophobicity is important because there are other chemical compounds in bug splat that are solvent soluble. That is why most bug removers are solvent-based or have solvent additives. DS 1500 Xtreme is the only ceramic coating for cars that is strong in both of these areas and prevents penetration of this chemical bug brew into the surface of your paint.

DuraSlic has completed several “bug tours” across central Florida during the peak of love bug season. Our research has shown that DS1500 Xtreme wipe-on and DS1200 spray-on coatings make bug removal very easy, even after encountering swarms in the hot Florida sun. Typically, only water spray or light washing is needed. Both formulas are very durable and will withstand years of exposure while providing the most comprehensive protection from bugs.

So, should we care about bugs? Absolutely! Their role in the complex web of life is an important one. Should we care about them splatting on our car or truck? Absolutely! Depending on the type of bug and the conditions described above, they can cause serious damage. But there is a way to protect your car’s exterior surfaces: DuraSlic DS 1500 Xtrem

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